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Our Accreditations

Our Business Process Re-engineering is designed to implement fundamental rethinking and introduction of new work strategies to achieve dramatic improvements in the critical organizational aspects of performance of our clients business including cost quality service and speed. Our Business Process Re-engineering strategy is highly dynamic and considers all aspects of our client’s business.

Our approach to business process re-engineering has been shaped by more than ten years’ experience of working with clients in the public and private sectors and incorporates two important dimensions:

Our Approach is to :

Ensure the client is clear about the reasons for doing process mapping, utilizing the most appropriate tools for the job – being understandable to the people involved in the process is the most important criterion, and where applicable and secondly being able to provide and deliver the structured information required by the IT people

Keep it simple – using the simplest tool consistent with what is required – and by focusing on understanding the process rather than on learning a new tool; once a process is understood, it can be represented easily in any representational tool

Timely and Efficient technology – avoiding the client adopting a product that no-one else is using; encourage standards and products that are in widespread use, so that the work can be shared with others.

Our experience of managing a range of projects in the field of process engineering spans the company’s entire growth and development.

Global Technology process engineering team forms an immensely important part of the strategic development of the business and these process engineering strengths, covering all market sectors, enables us to provide valuable support, innovative and cost effective solutions to our clients at an earlier stage in the development of the project. It is due to this earlier involvement that we can maximize our value to our customers.

The Business Process Engineering Department at Global Technology is capable of undertaking all aspects of process design and is particularly adept at liaising closely with Clients to develop Projects from a conceptual scheme to the preparation of sanction grade estimates and then through to the detailed design, implementation and commissioning.